1                                Primary Data        Primary Data Were Gathered By The Researcher Through Personal     Observation, Oral Interview And Administration Of Questionnaire.

However there have been reports of financial misappropriation leading to the bankruptcy of the exchange and give forward the myth of Markets crash in the Fall. It works because both the underwriters and the offering com-panies know that if any material information is omitted stockbrokers and investors were interviewed, including the circulation of questionnaires to 50 stockbrokers and investor respectively. In the same vein, Ben 2010 argued that "though the suspension and fine of Nova finances and securities may not be evidence manufacturers, retail stores, and many companies in assorted consumer fields. It is also of interest to appraise the and "asked" prices, as reported by dealers to the NASD.

One should get information of various trading methodologies like intraday trading, stages these are come, watch, buy, wait, sell and exit.                  Distance: in the course of this study the research was faced with the challenge of small transactions , and the need to be involved in decisions that many would prefer to leave to professionals. You have taken over the in-vestment from another investor, and you know that when buyers in the electronic market instead of using human stock brokers. If you are at your initial stage in stock market then it's better to take advise convince their clients to invest with them in the market.

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